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How Much Does It Cost To Haul Junk Away?

How much does it cost to get some junk hauled away you say? Although most junk removal company's charge based on volume the items take up in the container, some junk removal company's prefer to charge per item. The pricing of a junk removal has many different factors that can change it.

For one, is the distance the loaders need to travel from the truck to the junk. An example would be, A large pile of tree debris in the back of a several acres needed to be hauled to the front of property because the truck doesn't fit. In this case the company may charge you more than the going rate.

Here at Let It Go Junk Inc. we strive to be translucent and upfront about any possible up charges. Another way you may pay more for your removal is if you have ALL small items. Small trash can be a hassle to load especially when there is a lot of it. The job can end up taking 3 times longer because of this. So there is a chance that the removal will cost you more than expected.

On average you will pay between $450-$650 for a "Full Load". A Full Load also depends on the company you hire to remove your items. Some Full loads may be as small as 10 cubic yards and cost up to $350, Some may be 16 cubic yards and cost $650.

Junk Hauling is Not a exact science, That's why making sure to hire a professional Junk Removal Company is in your best interest. Witch brings me to the next reason why you may get charged more than average. The junk removal industry is growing exponentially, but some areas are still lacking this service. For this reason company's that travel great distances to serve outside there area will charge a fuel cost to cover there expenses.

Stairs are a junk removal company's number one enemy. I can tell you right now, if there are stairs involved it will cost more money. Moving anything down the stairs requires strength, skill, awareness, and balance. With out these key ingredients it can be a daunting task. Although it can be done with out these traits, it is much easier to hire someone who is trained to lift and move up and down sloping stairs. Its is important to have 2 loaders while moving heavy or bulky items up or down the stairs.

As you have read, Junk Hauling can cost a wide range. From 1/4 of a load starting at $150-$250 to a 3/4 of a load costing hundreds more. Don't hire a drunk removal company, hire a PRO Let It Go Junk Removal Inc.

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Well, i called junk cars davie for removal of scrap car from the garage and they paid me for the junk car instead of taking money from me.


Scott Purkey
Scott Purkey
Feb 14, 2021

Thank you for this article!

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