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What Is Junk Removal?

Let it go Junk Removal is a licensed and insured full-service junk removal company serving residential and commercial properties in Volusia County. Our junk removal company has a lot of knowledge that it wants to share with you about the Junk and Waste Removal Industry. We hope you find this article very helpful.

What is Junk Removal Actually?

Junk Removal is anything from removing yard waste; cleaning out homes; clearing out garages; removing new home build out waste; cleaning out attics; gutting the junk from apartment evictions; and cleaning all the junk from construction sites.  A typical junk removal business will perform all labor duties to where all the customer needs to do is simply point to what he or she wants to be removed.

When you are dealing with a reputable junk removal service, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting everything in one place. The service should take care of everything for you. Some people such as landlords and property managers feel this is the best aspect of using a full-service junk removal company. A normal junk hauler will bring a good-sized truck to haul away anything you request. Either, the junk hauler will arrive in a dump truck or a trailer capable of carrying away what is requested to be removed.

So, it is important to understand that a junk removal service is hired labor that comes to your home or office to haul away furniture, construction debris, and other unwanted items. In many cases, a representative of the company will visit your home or office to estimate the cost of your removal project. While other junk removal companies will just come to your home or office and remove the junk you wish to have taken away and quote on the spot to load it into the back of their dump truck, cubed van or pickup truck. Most of these companies are charging you on the volume your unwanted items occupy in their vehicle.

What are the typical charges for Junk Removal?

Normally, the charges are by the load. But from time to time, a junk removal company may include labor charges or any other fees – it is important to find out what exactly they are going to charge you upfront. It is very common to find a junk removal service with flat rates. This makes it easy for you and your family to budget how much you need to pay to have stuff you want to get rid of.

Some junk companies will charge for their time, a travel fee, and others will charge the container size used on their trucks. It is important to ask if you are paying for what YOU are getting rid of versus any additional costs. Most reputable companies attempt to create a price that fits your specific situation.

There is no job too big or small, so the price can vary greatly based on the number of things you need to have removed. Furthermore, the weight is also sometimes a factor, so be mindful that even if you have only one item but if it weights over 500 plus pounds it could increase the cost of the removal charge.

Also, the charges for removal may vary greatly based on biohazard issues and full house clean outs. So, don’t be surprised to learn that some items have additional costs, such as paint. Paint and other bio-hazard materials need to be disposed of in a proper manner or it could be damaging to the environment. A professional junk removal service will explain the steps to ensure the materials are safely disposed of and charges for doing so.

At times, the charges could be caused by specialized suits and gear for removing hazardous mold. This commonly found in minor or major remodeling efforts in your home or office. Some junk removal companies team up with restoration and/or building contractors that do demolition work. If the junk removal company offers to handle the demolition work, be aware the additional charges will be paid to cover labor for demolishing stuff as well as doing the hauling it away.

Go with the Junk Removal Services or Dumpster Rental: What's the Better Waste Disposal Method For Next Your Project?

Junk removal service or dumpster rental service... which is the better for your specific junk removal situation? Why is it a better option for you? I recommend that before you can make a decision, let's start to dig into the differences, therefore you are going into your decision with a lot more information.

Let’s set the stage, you've completed a home or office project. It doesn’t really matter if it was a home remodel, estate clean out, garage clean out, or updating your office to attract new clients. A typical remodeling project collects a lot of construction debris as well as the introduction of new furniture and appliances. So, congratulations, it is over and the last thing you need to do is deal with getting rid of the debris collected over the length of your improvement project. Removal of items like the old furniture, old drywall, and old appliances – just to name of few things is really quite common.

For this final task of the project, you want it to be completed as quickly, as efficiently and as affordable as possible.

A Junk Removal Hauling Service. This disposal method isn't the most affordable, but the good news it is the best service if you really are tired and/or not actually doing any ‘hands-on’ labor yourself. This service provides you the most flexibility for when and how you want junk taken away.

A Dumpster Service. This is a disposal method is more targeted for the ‘D.I.Yer’ because they are saving money by simply loading the dumpster, they have rented themselves. It is good for multi-day to do it yourself project because the dumpster can be rented for a set period of time with the company. Further, it does take up space during that time and some areas will require special approvals from an H.O.A or C.O.A while others will not.

What is a Roll Off Dumpster Rental Service?

A roll-off dumpster rental service is the placement of roll-off container homeowners and/or contractors will fill up with waste and construction debris to be removed and dumped by the local supplier later. A local supplier will deliver the trash container at agreed upon date and time. They will drop this rental bin on your driveway or predetermine spot on your property with a hook-lift system that is affixed to their light-to-medium duty truck.

Once the dumpster is on your property (ideally a driveway or parking space), you can begin to discard your unwanted items by either throwing them over the side panel or by walking the items into the walk-in double door, if you wish to spend a few more dollars with the dumpster rental company. Please be aware, that the typical dumpster rental period ranges from 5-10 days. Also, when you've filled your trash container, just simply call or text your rental dumpster company to come and pick up the unit.

Why consider doing this versus just making a few trips to the local landfill? Well, do you want the residue on your personal vehicle from the junk? Also, do you really want to waste the gas and part of your day off running back and forth to do this? Keep in mind that the main difference between junk removal and a dumpster rental is the labor around the waste removal.

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